Sound Design


The original Vitaepro commercial was in Norwegian and our mission was to match it into Swedish.

Fun fact: This vocal production consists of more than 50 channels of audio, but there were only two voices recorded.


Mentos wanted everyone to know that they had new shewing gums out, with new tastes and new colors. They chose to promote it with an animated chameleon that we follow as he enters the library in this video.

Why is the chameleon in the library? The books he’s reading reveals that he’s there to learn how to change colors. When the girl across the table pops her chewing gum he has found the answer, Mentos gums of course. To accompany the cute chameleon we created music with a funky, electronic and quirky tone. This music matches his style and makes the whole film a bit more groovy. is a company that lets you shop your groceries online and get them delivered all the way home. In this TV commercial, the audience experience how easy and quick the process is.

Here we support the image of by recording a reassuring female voice-over artist in addition to composing hopeful background music and adding sound effects.

Svenska Kyrkan Norrköping

With this web film, Svenska Kyrkan Norrköping wanted to show that everyone is welcome to church, no matter who you are or why. Production wise, our client wanted us to create a new version of the hymn “Härlig är jorden” in order to appeal to a broader crowd that doesn’t visit church all that often.

The web film starts mysteriously with no music, just sound design building tension. Once the soundtrack starts the sound effects disappear, pulling the listener closer to the hymn and the little boy singing.

Although the overall feeling of this hymn is a bit sad there’s also a sense of hope; letting the audience know that they are welcome to church whoever they may be.